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Extreme Outdoorsman Introduces Invasive Lionfish to a Glock 17

Play the video below to watch Hunt hunting for lionfish with his modified Glock 17: Environmentalists – Foul – Something – Lionfish – Games Now, before any radical environmentalists scream foul, let me clarify something: Killing lionfish isn’t fun and games; it’s a necessary task, as lionfish are a menace to the natural environment.

A self-proclaimed outdoorsman and fisherman recently combined. Lionfish are considered an invasive species and there are few restrictions against killing then.. Final 'single-stick' Delta IV rocket launches GPS satellite.

Its very important to take extreme care when encountering even the small ditches and streams. Many of these are flowing hard enough to wash a hunter, laden with extra clothing and gear, down to his demise by entanglement and/or drowning. Also retrieval of the animals will be hampered by the soft ground and muddy conditions.

The Blacksphere 10 hrs .6 The lionfish is destroying the Florida coast. Now they’re learning to fear the Glock. GO FISH PRODUCTIONS "Extreme Outdoorsman" introduces invasive lionfish to a glock 17 florida 100 from Reddit tagged as Reddit Meme

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Approximately, 14,000 lionfish are removed from Florida waters every year on Lionfish Day in Florida, with prizes being awarded for various catches for the smallest, heaviest, and lightest lionfish. With Hunt’s modified Glock handgun, he may be taking the lead on all categories, as he will be able to kill more than most people.

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.6. The Blacksphere The Iionfish is destroying the Florida coast. Now they’re learning to fear the Glock. FISH uncoucvwcns "Extreme Outdoorsman" Introduces Invasive Lionfish to a Glock 17 – popular memes on the site iFunny.co

"Extreme Outdoorsman" Introduces Invasive Lionfish to a Glock 17 "Extreme Outdoorsman" Introduces Invasive Lionfish to a Glock 17 . Very cool! 01/02/2018 . USCCA . We all need a good reminder every now and then. 12/30/2017 Personal Liberty .

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