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What is a mortgage foreclosure?If you don’t pay your mortgage payments, your bank can file a lawsuit to sell the property. This is called a foreclosure case. The proceeds from the sale are.

Where the order in a case, which involved claims of wrongful foreclosure and unlawful detainer, did not dispose of a distinct judicial unit, the order was neither final nor appealable, so the appeal.

The Court does not maintain a list of properties in foreclosure. Foreclosure cases are Civil Action cases and they are indexed in the names of the individual(s) authorized to make the sale and the debtor’s names. You may use the computers in our record room to search for foreclosure cases.

You can search by case number, which may be listed on the Lis Pendens (but sometimes this doesn’t work). If you can’t find a case that way, then search by the owners name (but again this may be complicated if the owner is in foreclosure on multiple properties)

To understand foreclosure, it helps to keep in mind that the word "homeowner" in this case is actually a misnomer. "Borrower" is a more apt term. That’s what a mortgage , or deed of trust , is: a loan agreement for the purchase price of the home, minus the down payment.

When a judge dismisses a foreclosure case, the matter closes and the foreclosure can’t proceed. Judges may dismiss foreclosure cases if the lender can’t prove it owns your mortgage or if the lender didn’t follow the state’s foreclosure procedure correctly.

My case is a foreclosure case. I feel your ans is incomplete, to say that the plaintiff decide not to go further does me no good. The question then is: In a foreclosure case when the judge order the "case dispose" what does this mean to me as a defendant?

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The Office of Foreclosure handles the foreclosure unless you file an answer to the complaint. In that situation, the foreclosure is sent to a judge in your county. The complaint must set forth all of the facts that would give the mortgage lender (called the plaintiff in the complaint) the legal right to foreclose.

Properties with delinquent real estate taxes are subject to tax foreclosure, which usually occurs after other. information.

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